• Intrino Stretch Membrane

    Intrino Stretch Membrane

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    Intrino by Alwayz is a stretch membrane wholly developed and distributed by Alwayz (M) Sdn. Bhd. since 2007. Utilizing the latest German technology, we pride ourselves as the largest stretch membrane producer in Malaysia.
  • Decorative Partition Stretch Membrane

    Decorative Partition Stretch Membrane

    ALWAYZ stretch membrane offers countless design possibilities, providing options between matte, glossy and translucent finish. It is attractive for its flexibility of creating shapes.
  • Plain Translucent Stretch Membrane

    Plain Translucent Stretch Membrane

    The translucent range of ALWAYZ stretch ceiling is a viable alternative to conventional glass lighted ceiling or acrylic panel. It is able to present an even and uniform distribution of light and to facilitate your desired atmosphere and mood.
  • Printed Translucent Stretch Membrane

    Printed Translucent Stretch Membrane

    Stretch ceiling is not only limited to plain back-lit design, but also it can be fun exploring with prints. For an example, this car showroom used the sky themed ceiling which you won’t normally see inside a vehicle shop. This then complimented the interior décor and provided a more natural vibe in the space by also exploring various lighting set-up.
  • Gloss Finish Stretch Membrane

    Gloss Finish Stretch Membrane

    INTRINO glossy creates a bigger space and a clean finish to a modern and sophisticated design.
  • Matte Finish Stretch Membrane

    Matte Finish Stretch Membrane

    A complex production showcases the flexibility and versatility of the INTRINO stretch membrane. The installation of various membrane foil sizes and shapes went into creating a concave finishing which gels into the free organic form using a matte finish as part of its project design concept.
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