Hunter Douglas

  • Hunter Douglas Ceilings

    Hunter Douglas Ceilings

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    Luxalon Metal Ceilings excels in design and performance, this includes: the Linear, Open Plenum, Planks and Baffles. Each is available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, guaranteeing that no matter what your vision, we’ve got the look you’re after.
  • Woodwright Ceilings

    Woodwright Ceilings

    Go with the grain. Woodwright ceilings offers the look of wood with the convenience and performance of metal. There are available variety of finishes from real wood veneers to powder-coat wood looks, allowing you to create looks you never thought possible.
  • Plank & Tile Ceilings

    Plank & Tile Ceilings

    It’s hip to be square. Luxalon Plank and Tile ceilings by Hunter Douglas blend style and functionality, offering a clean, monolithic look and a variety of options. Various perforation patterns, sizes and the availability of exterior applications ensure that everyone can have their own sense of Tile.
  • Linear Ceilngs

    Linear Ceilngs

    In line with style. Luxalon Linear metal ceiling systems highlight versatility, allowing a variety of innovative interior and exterior visual effects.
  • Linear Plank Ceilings

    Linear Plank Ceilings

    Impressive size. Impressive look. The 300mm Linear Plank ceilings create a distinct look. Whether you prefer a bevel-edged, monolithic look for a defined reveal, Luxalon Linear Plank is the way to make a big first impression.
  • Curved Ceilings

    Curved Ceilings

    Ahead of the curve. Luxalon Curved Products bring artistic freedom to the forefront. A growing design trend, these panels feature excellent acoustical properties and a variety of arch lengths and radii that are perfect for creating arches and multilevel design.
  • Exterior Sofit Ceilings

    Exterior Sofit Ceilings

    Take it outside. These products create a variety of distinct looks and are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions. Perfect for canopies and porte-cocheres, our Linear, Plank and Linear Plank systems are all available for exterior usage.
  • Cell Ceilings

    Cell Ceilings

    The great wide open. Both the Open Cell and larger Cell Frame ceilings offer a clean fit, establishing a monolithic visual plane. In addition, the Open ceilings provide the widest selection of patterns, configurations, and colors, inviting you to exercise your creativity.
  • Baffle Ceilings

    Baffle Ceilings

    Get baffled. Luxalon Baffle ceilings emphasizes versatility. The adjustable carriers allows baffles to slide back for easy access to lighting, sprinklers, and diffusers. Use baffle ceilings as a one-way plenum mask or to create interesting lighting effects.
  • High Profile Series Ceilings

    High Profile Series Ceilings

    Reach new heights. The robust and precise extruded aluminum High Profile Series baffle ceiling system offers easy ceiling access and flexible, customizable designs and finishes including powder-coating, anodized and real wood veneer.
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